What we can do for you

Exterior Renovation Services

What we can do for you

Exterior Renovation Services


As re-roofing specialists, Kovar Contracting knows eavestrough repair, replacement and installation. Our experience and quality workmanship ensures your home will sport beautiful, well-constructed eaves guaranteed to last. Contact us today to spruce up your home.


If you want to add a bit of light to your home, contact us and ask about our skylights and sun tunnels. Our experienced team will transform your dark space into a haven of sunlight. Competent and efficient, we will install your skylight or sun tunnel without any inconvenience to you.


Adding proper ventilation to your attic can extend the life of your roof, lower cooling costs in the summer and help eliminate Ice Damning in the winter.


There are a variety of reasons for erecting fences or laying decks at your property. From added perimeter security to aesthetic, ornamental or leisure purposes, here at Kovar Contracting we provide a full, professional installation service to meet your needs.


With a reputation founded on professionalism, reliability, quality, and service, we are proud to be a leading name in Ottawa for windows and door installations. We understand that each property will have its own requirements when it comes to the style, size, and needs for their windows and doors.


Trust the re-roofing specialists to install, repair or replace fascia and soffits. Whether your home needs new soffits and fascia, or an uplift and repair, Kovar Contracting gets the job done quickly, affordably and hassle-free - with our product and workmanship quality guaranteed. We help keep your home in immaculate condition.

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