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Warm summer nights are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, and there is no better place to do so than on your own deck. However, while your enjoyment is a good reason to build a deck, it may not be the only one. There are a variety of reasons for having a deck on your property. For aesthetic or leisure purposes, here at Kovar Contracting, our deck builders provide a full, professional deck installation service to meet your needs. No matter what style or size, we are here to help you create the deck of your dreams. From design to material and final installation, as well as tips and tricks on how to take care of it, we have you covered in all aspects for your deck.

Types of Decking

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Composite Wood
  • Metal

Deck Installation Plan Your Home

Do you have an idea of what you want your deck to look like? The size, the shape, the material? A budget? If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes,’ then all the better! If not, don’t worry. Our expert deck contractors Ottawa have the experience and the know-how to help you with these questions. We can always look at the space you are looking to build your deck in and help you with recommendations on design, material, and other considerations, all while keeping your budget in mind. Furthermore, thanks to our experience, we can also anticipate any difficulties so that we can build the best deck for your home around any obstructions or access needs.

Deck Repair Work in Ottawa

Ottawa Deck Builders Guide to Selecting the Perfect Deck Material

At Kovar Contracting, we offer different types of deck materials: pressure-treated spruce, cedar, or a myriad of different composites and PVC products from multiple distributors. Your choice of material will not only impact the price of your deck, but every material also brings its own advantages and disadvantages including longevity, cost, maintenance, durability, and warranty. 

Below are a few pointers for the materials our deck builders Ottawa work with, including their pros and cons for your consideration. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you still have any questions about the individual materials. One of our experts will gladly help you out.

Pressure Treated Spruce Decks Contractors Ottawa

Pressure Treated Spruce

Pressure-treated spruce decks provide an affordable and robust outdoor addition to any property. The wood undergoes vapor treatment or immersion in preservatives, such as copper azole, to prolong its life and enhance its durability against insects, decay, and rot. These specialty-treated decks use natural softwood lumber treated for outdoor use, making them ideal for constructing surfaces that can stand up to cold temperatures. Pressure-treated spruce decks are easy to work with hand tools, require a minimum of maintenance, and offer a long-lasting addition to the property that can give it a touch of character which isn’t achievable with composite decking options.

Composite Deck Installation Ottawa

Composite Products Ottawa

The big advantage of composite products – especially when compared to spruce or cedar– is that it requires little to no maintenance and does not splinter. In fact, some composite types may even be made from recycled sawdust. Aesthetically, however, it comes with some downsides as it does resemble plastic more than actual wood. In terms of price, composite is also much more expensive than pressure-treated wood. It often comes with lifetime warranties and will never warp or expand and contract.

Pressure Treated Cedar Deck installation in Ottawa

Pressure Treated Cedar

Pressure-treated cedar decks can be the perfect outdoor addition to any home. Cedar is one of the strongest and most durable types of wood, making this type of deck incredibly resilient against most weather conditions. The pressure-treating process gives off no chemicals or odors and is safe to use around children and pets. Not to mention that these decks require very little maintenance since they are already so prepped and ready to go upon purchase. Pressure-treated cedar decks are truly one of the best options when looking to spruce up your backyard space with an easy, long-lasting solution!

Metal Deck intallation in Ottawa

Deck Made of Metal Ottawa

A deck made of metal may seem unusual at first. However, decks made from aluminum, for example, are actually quite practical. They are very robust and resistant. Mold and insects are non-issues. At the same time, aluminum is a very light material. It is easy to take care of and lasts a lifetime. But longevity comes at a price: aluminum decks are generally the most expensive variety and are only really ever used for docks and areas with extreme moisture.

Whichever decking you have chosen and/or require, we provide a full project management experience for the installation. Our team of experienced deck contractors Ottawa is fully trained and skilled in all aspects of deck installation, and we provide high-quality and meticulous care to every task. We would also inform you if your deck design would require a permit from the city. Kovar Contracting ensures the final result is delivered exactly as you desired, sturdily created, and visually appealing. On-time and within budget.

Quality Deck Contractors Ottawa Warranty

We pride ourselves on being a leading name in Ottawa deck installation. We are especially proud of our reputation for delivering workmanship of the highest quality while retaining exceptional levels of customer service, care, and professionalism. We believe that every project is more than “just a job.” We understand that our customers have questions and concerns, and we are here to answer them. So please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you might have!

We also provide a commitment to working with the utmost diligence, keeping mess and disruption to a minimum while ensuring that every stage of the process is carried out perfectly. We strive to ensure results that bring your vision to light that will last for years to come. It comes back to the idea of being more than ‘just a job’ – our team of deck builders Ottawa are highly professional from the moment they arrive and treat your property like it was their own.

And for further peace of mind, we offer a 5-year warranty on all the deck work we undertake. We are confident in our ability to provide quality work that lasts. If you have any questions about our warranty and what it includes, please do not hesitate to ask us. Are you past your warranty period but still require attention or repair? We offer all existing clients reduced labour rates for maintenance or repairs on past projects.

Ottawa Deck Repair

Perhaps you are not looking to actually build a new deck and instead want to repair your existing one. No problem! Our experienced deck contractors can also take care of any required deck repair Ottawa.

Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to inspect your deck once or twice a year, ideally in the fall and at the beginning of spring after a long winter season. You may detect loose railings, missing nails, or damaged boards. Depending on the material your deck is made of, mold and rot can also affect the deck’s integrity. And when you discover any of the above, you want those taken care of in a professional manner. Especially since our Kovar Contracting experts know what to look for and can also pick up on issues that may not have openly surfaced yet but can cause bigger problems down the line.

Whatever necessary deck repairs you may face, Kovar Contracting has you covered. We are not only experts in deck installation but also conduct deck repairs in Ottawa. Loose railings, cracked boards or support beams, rot, and rust on your deck do not need to rob you of the enjoyment of warm summer nights outdoors. 

For more information on our deck repair services, please contact one of our specialist consultants directly and get your free quote today.

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Are you ready to get your new deck installed? Looking for help with your deck repair in Ottawa? Whatever the case may be, the deck builders Ottawa at Kovar Contracting are ready for your call. We install quality decks made from quality materials – all topped off by a long-term 10-year warranty on the work from our deck contractors Ottawa. For a free quote from Kovar on deck installation in the Ottawa area, please give us a call today. Our specialist consultants will be happy to help.