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At Kovar Contracting we care for the environment. We help homeowners make their houses more energy efficient and look for long-term solutions to their needs. We work with leading manufacturers committed to sustainability efforts and who offer a wide range of products to suit clients’ needs. Green building and home efficiency are areas of emerging focus in the contracting industry. We stay up to date on the different requirements of the industry as well as the products that are meeting and exceeding those standards.

Energy Efficiency

Proper insulation and ventilation help home efficiency rates and help homes from losing heat in winter or retaining too much heat in summer. Ask us about the Government Rebate program you may qualify for when you upgrade your home insulation. 



When it comes to roofing materials we use high-quality shingles designed to last. Certainteed is the manufacturer we work the closest with and their quality is second to none. The long life that their products provide means less need to replace your roof as often. They also offer some exciting new shingle products designed to reflect solar energy and help keep your home cooler in the summer while increasing the roof’s lifespan by preventing extra heat damage. Find out more about the Solaris Cool Roof technology here

Heat Trace Cables

The Paladin® for Roof Heat Trace Cables we use by Heat-Line are some of the highest quality available. They are commercial-grade quality and designed to last. The thermostatic control means these devices are not using electricity continuously. Snow sensors, thermostats, timers, or other approved devices can be added to the system to further increase the energy efficiency of the self-regulating heating cable. This advanced technology means you won’t see as large of a difference in your electricity bills for the service they provide in removing ice build-up from your eaves.

Exterior Siding Products

We work with Mitten, Royal, Gentek and KayCan as our main suppliers of exterior materials. Each manufacturer has different products tested to ensure they meet industry standards. They are all companies committed to sustainability efforts in the industry, all providing unique materials that can offer a greener choice for your home. And, with a variety of insulated siding options, there are even more home energy savings just waiting for you!