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Ventilation is more than just providing cool air in your house during hot summer days and fresh (not too cold) air in the winter. Adding proper ventilation to your attic, for example, can also extend the life of your roof, lower cooling costs in the summer, and help eliminate potentially dangerous ice damming in the winter.

Types of Decking

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Composite Wood
  • Metal

Why Proper Roof Ventilation Is So Vital In Your Home

Roof ventilation and attic ventilation are about more than just ensuring your home is cool during summer. It is also about providing good air exchange in the cold winter months when we are all trying to keep the cold out as much as possible. While proper attic ventilation and roof ventilation ensure both of those things, it does a lot more for your house than you might realize, especially when it comes to your roof.

Benefits of Good Attic Ventilation Ottawa

Proper attic ventilation can keep your humidity levels down. High humidity levels in your attic can cause mold and mildew to grow and damage furniture, walls, and floors – not to mention the health concerns certain kinds of mold raise. 

Lastly, proper ventilation is also healthy for your wallet as it can reduce heating and cooling costs and elongate the lifespan of your roof. Especially with the rise in energy costs, proper attic ventilation can be a valuable asset to tame your heating bill.

Also, it could add the scare factor of icicles forming and subsequently falling and causing harm to you and loved ones. Whereas, good airflow through your attic keeps your attic as close to the temperature outside, which keeps snow from melting on the roof and refreezing at the eaves causing icicles and dams. It also keeps the attic cooler in the summer to avoid unnecessary heat in the attic, causing heat gain into the home… which would then need to be air-conditioned.

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Kovar Contracting Is Your Roof Ventilation Installation Ottawa Expert

Roofs have always been our specialty. One aspect of roofs that is often forgotten is their airflow. Ventilation plays an important, yet almost invisible part, in the health of your roof. Attics with insufficient airflow tend to build up humidity – which can, in turn, lead to mold, mildew, and rot and weaken the structural integrity of your roof. In other words: the worse your airflow in your attic is, the shorter your roof’s lifespan is.

It will heat the shingles from not only sun exposure but attic heat as well, causing your shingle to “convection bake” rather than “broil” as they normally should. This will cause the bitumen and asphalt in the shingles to dry up prematurely.

Needless to say that improving an attic’s airflow is less costly than replacing an entire roof. Therefore, roof vents are a great way to ensure proper airflow in your attic – and our team at Kovar Contracting are experts in ventilation installation in Ottawa. We provide and install:

Ottawa Passive Ventilation attic ventilation

Passive Ventilation

Low Profile “Mushroom” style vents or Ridge vents – Run across the entire roof peak and allow for air to exhaust between each attic truss cavity. Most useful for cathedral roofs where there is no common attic space and ventilation is required in each of the cavities between rafters or trusses.

Static Ventilation Roofing Ventilation Ottawa

Static Ventilation

Maximum or Venmar are common brands for this type of elevated or “snorkeled” roof vent.
This type of vent uses passing wind to create a draw that exponentially increases airflow throughout the attic. Drawing air in from the soffits at the lower parts of the roof and pulling all the heat and stagnant air out of the attic space. One of these vents can do the work of up to 10 passive vents. They can be as effective as up to 4 average power bathroom exhaust fans pulling air out of the attic without the use of any power! These vents are also taller and stay effective even under high levels of snow buildup.

Visit the Maximum Ventilation website for more content on Static ventilation and its benefits.

Since any roof situation can be different, the experts at Kovar Contracting will first inspect your roof and assess the situation in your attic, and on your roof, before making any recommendation on attic ventilation installation in Ottawa.

Roof and Attic Ventilation Repair Ottawa

Like any other part of the roof, vents can break, which in turn can disrupt or alter the ventilation in your attic. The experts at Kovar Contracting not only excel in ventilation installation Ottawa but also in ventilation replacement Ottawa. We will inspect the damage and conduct any necessary roof repair work to ensure that your attic and home are properly ventilated again as quickly as possible.

If necessary, our ottawa contractors can also conduct any ventilation replacement Ottawa, make recommendations on how to improve your attic’s ventilation, and install new vents to improve your attic’s airflow.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Kovar Contracting, we take pride in the quality of our work. Reputation is the backbone of our industry, and our reputation is built on the success of every single project. That is why tackle every job from three angles:

Exemplary Service

Providing contracting services not only means that we do the handiwork. It also includes listening to your needs and communicating with you throughout the project. That way you are always in the loop about what is happening and whether any unforeseen issues arise. At the end of the day you are in control.

Dedicated Professionalism

At Kovar Contracting, we do things the right way. When we are working on your project, we do it at full capacity and without any shortcuts. To hold ourselves accountable to those standards, we provide you with up to a 10-year warranty on work and manufacturing to give you peace of mind knowing that all bases are covered.

Punctuality and Productivity

Punctuality is a matter of respect. At Kovar Contracting, we understand that your time is as valuable as ours. That is why we are punctual and finish your project on time and on budget. If delays do occur or unforeseen problems arise, we ensure you are notified.

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If you are ready to get your Ottawa ventilation up to speed or are looking for ventilation repair Ottawa options, look no further than Kovar Contracting. From ventilation installation to ventilation replacement Ottawa, we ensure that you reap the full benefits of proper air ventilation Ottawa in your home. 

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