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Looking for a reliable siding replacement and repair company in the Ottawa area, trust the experts! Kovar Contracting can repair or replace all types of sidings in minimum time, with least hassle, at a reasonable price, and with guaranteed product and workmanship quality.


Selecting your siding contractor in Ottawa is not a decision you can take lightly. A bad siding job can cause long-term or even irreversible damage to your home.

A Dilapidated or improperly installed siding can let rainwater and snowmelt seep through to the structure and walls

Mould formation can happen, causing health risks and structural damage

Poor insulation resulting from old or poorly installed siding can give rise to high heating bills

At the very least, a poor quality or poorly installed siding may need to be replaced prematurely, causing financial losses


Working with Kovar Contracting, you can rest assured that your siding will be a sound investment that will protect your home and make it look beautiful for a lifetime to come. Hundreds of satisfied homeowners from Smith Falls to Orleans bear testimony to our passion for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction.

A perfect 5-star rating and excellent reviews on Homestars, BBB, Facebook, and other platforms

Accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau)

No upfront payment required, hassle-free service

Cleanliness and respect for your property and privacy are our top priorities

A liability insurance coverage of up to $2,000,000

A well-trained workforce covered by WSIB (Work Safety and Insurance Board) coverage

All types of siding solutions under one roof

Extended Non pro-rated manufacturer warranty coverage

All work backed by a written 10-year workmanship warranty


How do I know my eavestroughs are due for a repair or replacement?

How do I know my home’s siding is due for a replacement?

What are the different types of siding?

Popular siding materials include wood, vinyl siding, metal/aluminum, stone/cement, composite/ wood fibre. Composite siding is rapidly gaining popularity because of its variety of colours and resistance to the elements. Our siding experts will recommend the best material for your location and budget.

Can I also buy my siding from Kovar Contracting?

Yes, in fact we strongly recommend that you do. We have a wide range of siding available from leading manufacturers and provide price match and manufacturer’s quality guarantees for the type of siding you select.

Do you replace siding that contains asbestos?

No, but we can recommend hazardous material experts for the job.

How long will it take to replace my siding?

It depends on the size of your house, but it takes around one to two weeks to install or replace the siding on a typical Canadian home depending on nailing surface, insulation needs etc.

How much will it cost to install new siding?

The cost would depend on the size of the house, the material of the siding, and the amount of work involved in removing and disposing off the old siding. Contact us for an exact quote.

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