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At Kovar Contracting we only use the highest quality Palidin Heat Trace Cable Systems by Heat Line. Their Cables are thermostatically controlled microscopically so the cable only turns on when it needs to where it needs to. All installs by Kovar are warranted by the Manufacturer for product defects for 5 years and can be upgraded to 10 years.


When homes suffer from ice damming and icicles, it is the cause of 2 things – Heat loss from the home into the attic space and lack of ventilation in that attic space. When you lose heat from your home into your attic space, it causes the snow on the roof to melt, which then refreezes at the soffit overhangs. This compounds over the winter months and causes ice damming and icicles. The ice damming can cause major leak issues in the home since shingled roofs are water shedding systems and not waterproof. You can do two things to fix this issue.

  1. Add insulation to the attic to limit the amount of heat that is lost from the home into the attic space.
  2. Add ventilation.
    1. Add exhaust ventilation at the top of the roof to allow heat to escape.
    2. Ensure proper airflow INTO the attic from the soffits. This is sometimes the hardest to do, depending on the construction of the home.

We often see that achieving insulation and ventilation in specific roof layouts and designs is either too costly or downright impossible. This is where the Heat Trace Cable is the best option!

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