With a reputation founded on professionalism, reliability, quality, and service, we are proud to be a leading name in Ottawa for windows and door installations.

We understand that each property will have its own requirements when it comes to the style, size, and needs for their windows and doors. Our expert service will ensure that each project is managed from start through completion, with each installation carried out with meticulous care and the highest levels of precision and quality.

Whatever windows or doors you have chosen: from single hung, double hung, or casement windows, to sliding windows and doors, or storm doors, we will install the  appropriate units to your style, tastes, needs, and budget.

Installing the perfect windows and doors in your property can bring a range of added value benefits:

  • Improving the appearance and aesthetic appeal of the property.
  • Improving heat loss and retention to enhance household insulation and increase energy efficiency.
  • Increase natural light in the property, improving atmosphere and ambience.
  • Reduce utility costs: lower electric light usage, reduced heating or air conditioning needs.

At Kovar Contracting, we provide a wide selection of quality materials, all installed by our team of experienced, skilled professionals.

With each product carried out in a timely, friendly, and courteous manner. Keeping mess to a minimum and ensuring the project is completed with the least amount of disruption, while never compromising on quality, or safety.

Adding to your peace of mind that your windows and doors are installed to your full satisfaction and for long-term benefit, we offer a 10-year manufacturer and work warranty.

Serving Ottawa and surrounding areas, we’d be delighted to discuss your windows and door installation needs, and will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote. Call today to talk to one of our consultants.